Kareena Kapoor Khan To Host A Radio Chat Show. Deets Inside

10:49 pm 22 Nov, 2018


Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was last seen onscreen in “Veere Di Wedding,” is known as confident and fearless actress who never minces any words while speaking her mind. She made her debut in 2000, and is known for many brilliant performances. Bebo is immensely popular and has a huge fan following. If rocking the silver screen was not enough, this tinsel town diva is all set to make her radio debut. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Kareena will soon start her own show on the radio channel Ishq 104.8 FM.

And the title for the show is kind of cosmically perfect for Kareena. The title is ‘What Women Want with Kareena Kapoor Khan’. Well, it will be interesting to see how Kareena performs on this platform.




As the name suggests, the show will center around all the unspoken things that women want. It will explore the true depth of the whole of womankind.

When asked about what she has been wanting her whole life, this is what Kareena reportedly said:


“I have always been someone who wanted to follow her heart. When I was getting married people told me that don’t get married because your career will end after that. No producer will take you in his films and you will not get any work.”


It is interesting to note how people believe that a woman’s career will end post marriage. But Bebo is a living proof that this isn’t true.

Kareena Kapoor Khan further added:


“But after marriage, I have been working so much that sometimes, I say I don’t want to work too much. I wouldn’t listen to what people had to say. I am doing more work than earlier, I would like to continue and I hope that I will always follow my heart and that’s what I wanted to do.”


Well, this leads us to believe that Kareena is, in fact, the perfect host to discuss this subject on a radio show. Don’t you think so?



When asked about how she came on board for the radio show, this what the diva had to say:


“When Ishq 104.8 FM came to me for a show that time, I was also surprised because I never been explored radio in my life. So, I was very nervous but when I heard the concept of the show and the show would be about ‘What Women Want’ then, I realized that this is the perfect time for me to dive into something like this.”



Kareena elaborated on why the subject of the show piqued her interest:


“It’s an unknown territory but I think it’s a territory that we need to speak about and it’s a topic that we need to address. I am glad that they (Ishq 104.8 FM) think that I was perfect for it because I have been opinionated all my life so, I think it’s time that women should speak out and I think it’s going to be a fabulous show.”


She further added:


“I am here to talk about women and I am here because I am a proud woman so, I would love to represent all of us gorgeous ladies out there.”



Well, we are eagerly awaiting the show. Aren’t you?

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