Iraqi Model Mercilessly Killed In Baghdad ‘Because He Had Good Looks’

Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 1:23 pm


It is being reported that a male model from Iraq has been brutally stabbed to death just because he looked good. Karar Nushi was found dead in Baghdad after he reportedly received death threats over his long hair and tight-fitting clothes.


Karar Nushi stabbed to death

The Institute of Fine Arts student, who was also an actor and a model, was preparing for a male beauty pageant and was a Shia Muslim. He was found brutally stabbed on Palestine Street to the north of the capital, according to reports. It has also been discovered that his body was disfigured and tortured.

Friends of the actor believed that he was killed by radical Islamists because of the way he dressed, his long hair and his friendship with female actors.



He was preparing for a beauty pageant

In 2016, ISIS militants threw a man from the top of a building in Kirkuk, Iraq. The man was accused of being a homosexual. In 2015, Amir Ashour, founder of Iraqi LGBT rights group IraQueer, was forced to flee his home country for Sweden after receiving death threats.


Islamic State militants have also reportedly executed, or brutally punished, civilians for breaking the group’s extreme code of modesty. For a long time now, the group is actively involved in killing innocent journalists, women, and children.

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