“Kajol Was The One Who Mattered To Me, But Now It’s Over” Writes Karan Johar In His Autobiography

12:32 pm 13 Jan, 2017


We all are aware of Karan Johar’s relationship with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Karan used to consider both of them his lucky charms. Though, Karan and Shah Rukh are still best of friends but there is nothing like friendship between Karan and Kajol anymore.


But, why?


We all have been wondering about the reason behind Karan and Kajol’s break up. But finally, KJo has revealed the truth. His recently released book ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ is not only revealing secrets about his sexual preferences but also has pages talking about his friends and ex-friends.


There was already a crack between Karan and Kajol’s friendship but things got uglier between them last year. As it is, there was a clash between ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Shivaay’ release dates but the news of Karan Johar bribing KRK to malign ‘Shivaay’ soured their friendship more.

Karan has explained the things that went wrong between him and Kajol in his book. Here is what he has written:


1. Isn’t everything just clear with the first line itself?


2. It’s excruciating to read these things about such good friends.


3. Karan felt broken when Kajol believed the news of him bribing KRK to malign ‘Shivaay’.


4. We actually are feeling bad for Karan.

Karan said that he has absolutely nothing for Kajol. But isn’t that the past, Karan? Don’t you think you should start over with this New Year instead of thinking about what has happened last year?

And Kajol, we don’t know exactly what is the core reason of your anger but…



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