When Karan Johar Wanted To Change His Voice Because Of This Reason

1:43 pm 27 Nov, 2018


Karan Johar is one Bollywood celebrity who has been anything but shy when it comes to speaking his mind. In the past, there have been occasions when we have seen the Student Of The Year director being as bold as he can to address the most pressing issues. We all know that the actor is gearing up for her next big venture TakhtNow, at a recent event (We The Women), while interacting with acclaimed journalist Barkha Dutt, the producer-director made some of the most astonishing revelations!

Fearless as ever, Karan mentioned that he was also called as “pansy” and it affected him in such a manner that there came a stage when he considered putting a baritone to his voice since people used to say that he sounds like a girl.




The filmmaker further stated that it is problematic to put things in boxes and using expressions like “don’t cry like a girl” or “be a man”.

Karan said:

“Masculinity or femininity is being comfortable in your skin. You would not put things in boxes. Like I would not tell my child to not cry like a girl. That’s ridiculous. If he wants to cry, he should cry. I wouldn’t tell him, ‘Don’t walk or dance like a girl”.



He further mentioned:

“I was told these things in my school, by my teachers. They are all stuck in boxes. You are meant to be in a certain way. I have been tormented to a point where I went to a speech therapist to change my voice, to bring a baritone.”


Karan Johar revealed that at the age of 15 he had gone to the speech therapist.

He also said:

“I told the therapist, ‘Can you make me sound like a boy?’ It was not fun. I did it for three years. This gentleman gave me voice exercises. It was embarrassing and torturous”.



Karan also remembered that his mum and dad didn’t think that anything was wrong with him when the filmmaker used to copy the dance moves of actresses, whereas others used to laugh on him:

“I went and saw ‘Sargam’ as an 8-year-old and became obsessed with the song ‘Dafli Waale’. I would play the song at home and do Jaya Pradha’s steps and not Rishi Kapoor’s. My father used to ask me to perform and I used to dance like Jaya Pradha was dancing and he somehow never found it strange.”

Karan further added, 

“No one said I was doing something wrong. But when I went down to the compound of my building or met seniors at school, all the kids who were not from your domain would make fun of you. That’s when I started developing an aversion to the word pansy… It scarred me.”

That’s not it, Karan even revealed that there was a stage when he even stopped participating in the sports activities in school because of the kids, as they mocked Karan when he used to walk or run.


Well, kudos to the bold and sassy avatar of Karan. It is really commendable how he is not afraid to address the issues which need to be addressed. People like Karan Johar are really exemplary, don’t you think?

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