Karan Johar Says There Are Only Six Saleable Stars In Bollywood

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11:23 pm 12 Jul, 2016

Hmmm… Lemme guess, Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir, and who else? Akshay? Saif? Ajay Devgn? Meh! Who knows?!!

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In a recent interview, Karan Johar talked about the risks producers take every time they consider casting a new face. He said,

Yes, it is a big problem. We have hundreds of films to make and there are six (actors) who can sell your film. If you take someone new then you won’t get budget as the film won’t get proper satellite or music rights, or proper release overseas. If you make a small film then you can take a chance.

This isn’t surprising information, given that Bollywood movies have never much been about the story, or the acting, or anything compelling like that. Bollywood has always been about the stars. Legends have been created by Bollywood for the last century or so, especially the last fifty-odd years. These legends have always been a handful of stars. From Dev Anand/Shammi Kapoor, to Amitabh Bachchan/Rajesh Khanna, to Shah Rukh/Salman/Aamir, Bollywood has always been about the actors, and not about how skilled they are at their craft.

KJo went on to say,

It’s a problem… we are going through crises. There are just a few stars who are viable, saleable, etc., there are many filmmakers and stories to be told…. We need to make more films. There is a dearth of viable actors…

Karan Johar launched three new faces in ‘Student of the Year’, which was considered a gutsy move by some. Of course, it helped that two thirds of that cast was related to someone in the industry!


Johar urges other producers to take a few casting risks, and stand by the actors they launch, so that Bollywood gets a fresh crop of actors whose talent will be enough to draw the crowds to the cinemas.

I’m thinking another great way to get people to watch movies would be to start making good movies, instead of churning out the same tired shit. It’s just a thought!


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