Karan Johar Reveals The Actress He Would Have Married If He Had The Chance To

5:17 pm 2 Sep, 2018


Bollywood film director Karan Johar is a candid person and doesn’t shy away from talking about love, sex, and relationships. Recently, he appeared on fashion designer Anaita Shroff Adajania’s brand new chat show titled Feet Up with the Stars. He was the first guest to be invited to the show.

From talking about how he manages his time, his dating life, taking care of his kids, to revealing the name of the actress he would marry in a heartbeat, KJo has opened the show on a grand and interesting note.



Karan Johar was asked many questions and he made a number of candid confessions about his personal life. One of the most interesting confessions included the answer to which Bollywood actress he would marry in a heartbeat.

When the host asked KJo to name an actress of today that he would marry in a heartbeat, without any hesitation, the SOTY director named Kareena Kapoor.

He said that Kareena is fun, fabulous, entertaining and has everything that he would look for in a life partner. Well, KJo is little too late to make this confession.




Speaking about his dating life, Karan said that it’s on and off and that casual sex is not for him. He believes that he needs to interact with the other person to a certain extent to create a comfort zone.

“I don’t date like serious dating. There are some situations that allow you to venture into an intimate zone, now and then. Casual sex is not something that works for me at all. I need to be able to interact with the person. Have some level of conversation, therefore a level of comfort,” Karan said.


Karan Johar at Feet Up with the Stars show

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When asked if a film was to be made on his life, who would he want to play his role, Karan said it would be Ranbir Kapoor because he said that Ranbir is obsessed with his life. He went on to say that Ranbir knows much more about his life than he himself does. Karan also said that Ranbir is the best actor the industry has. Meanwhile, the ace director also said that Katrina Kaif is a great girl and that there’s not anyone at the moment who is good enough for her.