Karan Johar Lashes Out At People Who Trolled Kareena’s Baby Taimur’s Name

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:32 pm

As soon as Kareena Kapoor became a mommy, Karan Johar was the first one who excitedly announced her baby’s arrival on Twitter. He not only expressed his joy but also revealed the baby’s name.

This announcement gave birth to numerous trolls and memes. Saif and Kareena happily gave an official statement about their baby but got criticized by the people.

The history attached to the name “Taimur” pinched fans a lot and they said the harshest of the harsh things for the baby.


Finally mamu, Karan Johar has spoken his views about the trolls and memes that took over social media. Here is what Karan Johar said to vent out his aggression…

How can there be trolls about this? It’s their prerogative what they name their son, and a name is special to the parents, to the grandparents, to the entire family. I completely support their decision to name their son – and how dare anybody have an opinion about this? It’s a name! It’s their name. They feel love. We should have spread the love at that moment, and felt so happy for this couple that delivered a blue-eyed, beautiful baby boy. It’s really ridiculous with all this. It’s their decision what they name their child and it should be no one else’s prerogative to say anything. Having said that, the internet is a place where every one is entitled to an opinion, so fine, they expressed it – and that’s what trolling is called.


Whatever people said in response to baby’s name is absolutely ridiculous and we strongly support Karan Johar’s statement.