Karan Johar Reveals How He Decides To Back A Movie

8:00 pm 24 Nov, 2018


Karan Johar entered the entertainment industry as an assistant director and then made his directorial debut in 1998. Ever since he has branched out in many fields in the entertainment business, he has found considerable success in all these streams. Currently, Johar is not only an ace director, but also a great producer, screenwriter, and TV personality. He is also successfully managing his family owned production house for years now.

The fact is that Karan Johar has a knack for everything entertainment and he uses it well. KJo is currently handling many projects. And one of these is S.Shankar’s 2.0 which is due to release on November 29, 2018.




In a recent interview, ahead of the movie’s release, Karan revealed a few interesting things about the entertainment industry. When asked how he decides whether to associate with a project or not, he had a very clear answer. He said it is not about whether the movie is a big-budget or not, all that matter is the content.

This is what a media daily reported Karan Johar as saying:


“See, any film you release today has a basic P&A (promotion & advertising) of Rs. 6 crores. So you have to do that math. Sometimes you see films that will have a great shelf life, but will it fill bums on seats? That’s my job to assess. If a movie can recover that, then why not.”


Well, no one other than KJo could have explained this mathematics so simply. No? Hmm! Karan Johar is definitely a smart cookie, and it doesn’t end here. The filmmaker also explained how Baahubali was a slap in the faces of Bollywood’s creative minds.

Here is what Karan Johar said:


“We (Bollyoowd) shouldn’t be proud of the fact that the biggest ‘Hindi film’ was a film made in Telugu. The first Baahubali film was a very beautiful and creative slap on our faces.”



It is interesting to note that Karan Johar first lent his name to SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali. And now he is doing so for 2.0. But there is a reason behind this.

Karan explains why these masala films from the South are getting such traction:


“The masala, mainstream, commercial movies where you can start at any point, those get the best ratings. The North reacts strongly to mythology. The reason Baahubali did so well was that it was an Amar Chita Katha hero.”



The director even snubbed at the corporate culture of most film studios today. He explained that where studios are sending lengthy contracts to actors, all it takes is some familial gestures.

Apparently, this is what the director did when he signed Big B for Bhramastra:


“I send a letter to Mr. Bachchan saying ‘Thank you very much for coming on board. Lots of love, Karan’. That’s my contract.”


Check out the interview to know some more of KJo’s interesting thoughts:




Well, well, well! Don’t know about you guys, but this was definitely insightful for us.

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