Why Karan Johar Did The Right Thing In Hiding His Sexuality In A Country Like India

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Since the time Karan Johar “almost” declared his sexuality in his book ‘The Unsuitable Boy’, he has been repeatedly and unsuitable-ly ridiculed for not screaming his lungs out that he is GAY. People are labeling him a coward because his firm stand is sending a false and an unethical message to the gay communities. Yes, in a way, they are partially right but not completely true.

I, myself, been a keen admirer of Karan Johar and his flamboyant films and thus, I would often mildly hate him for not accepting his sexuality publicly. Why be scared of telling who you really are? I mean, he could be an iconic voice and a savior for all the gays in India.

But today, as I picture an intolerant India in front of me, I believe that Karan Johar did the right thing by preserving his sexuality.


Because he may be ready to declare it but is India ready to accept it?

 No, India is not ready for Karan Johar yet.

In the nation where section 377 of the Indian penal code criminalizes sexual activities between people of same sex and calls it “against the order of nature”, and our callow society (most of it!) still see gay as “abnormal”, I can undoubtedly say that Karan’s life would be an endless hell if the truth comes out.

If just a few gay jokes at ‘A.I.B Roast’ can lead to a series of FIRs and endless criticism, then, imagine his life after crying out those “three words”. Had Karan been an unknown face, howling “I AM GAY” would be an effortless thing but for a guy, whose every act and every word is under the radar 24/7, he has no choice but to hide his life under the blankets.

Supposedly, he admits that he is gay and the spiteful media eyes capture him with a man leaving his home late night, then, the next morning he either would be disgracefully humiliated in newspapers or would be put behind bars, because of our indisposed law.

Can we allow him to live freely and happily?


Because for him, waking up in jail is far worse than waking up with Twitter abuse.


I ask, why are we so fucking after his sexuality? WHY?

If we are not respecting his privacy, then, how will we respect his sexual orientation?

Moreover, to all those who are calling Karan Johar an impostor for not standing up for gays, they must not forget that he has been a flagbearer of portraying gay characters on screen in a dignified way. Be it ‘Dostana’, ‘Student Of The Year’, ‘Bombay Talkies’ or ‘Kapoor And Sons’, they all celebrated homosexuality, which is rare and applauding.

Even more applauding is the spirit of Karan, who so sportingly laughs and enjoys being laughed at his gayish-ness. Putting out your individuality so nakedly is a very brave thing.


In fact, presuming he is gay, then, why can’t we value his achievements rather than mocking his clumsiness?

Karan Johar has shown that a gay can be an entertainer, a director, an achiever, a successful entrepreneur and most importantly, a lovable person. Are these qualities not admirable and humane? In short, Karan has defined ‘gay’ in a way no one could.

And now we can conclude, had he stated the “three words” long back, he could never have proved what a gay can do in this “straight” and “so-called-suitable” society.