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Karan Johar Got Trolled For Posting This Picture With Manish Malhotra, Netizens Ask If They Are A Couple!

Published on 6 December, 2018 at 2:40 pm By

Ace filmmaker Karan Johar is being targeted by trolls for a picture with his good friend and leading designer Manish Malhotra. For those who don’t know, the designer had his birthday on December 5! And we definitely know, how close Karan is to Manish. The filmmaker shared a heartfelt post wishing his friend, but it seems that the haters couldn’t help but drop some explosive comments on his post and sadly Karan Johar got trolled.


It is really upsetting to see that people can be so mean these days. What is wrong with posting a picture with a good old friend? You won’t believe what the social media users had to say!



The director-producer’s caption was really beautiful, he wrote, “Happy Birthday to my “oldest” and closest friend!!!! Love you lots and lots!!!! May the force of fashion always be with you!!!”

Take a look at the picture for which Karan Johar got trolled:



We are assuming that it an old picture, however, Karan’s emotions were visible enough. But despite that KJo was mercilessly trolled. Take a look at the comments:









We have seen that a lot has been said about their rumored relationship in the past, in fact, some netizens were so curious that they couldn’t help but ask Karan that if he and Manish are a couple. It seems that some even thought that they are! Just have a read at the comments:











Now, guys, don’t you think that this is too much? When will people understand that they have no right to pass mean comments in the name of curiosity or whatever? This ruthless targeting and merciless trolling must stop. There is nothing wrong with the post, and we think that it was a rather sweet gesture from Karan’s side. Don’t you think that Karan Johar got trolled without any reason? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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