Meet Karan Acharya, The Man Behind Attitude Hanuman And Hero Ram Graphics

11:21 am 26 Jul, 2018


Karan Acharya is a 28-year old graphic designer and artist who hails from Kudlu village in Kasargod district of Kerela. Born out of an immediate need, a graphic by Acharya has turned into a rage amongst Indians. Most of you might not know this but Karan Acharya is the man behind a Hanuman vector graphic which has gone viral across the nation.

Initially meant to be put on the saffron flag on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Acharya prepared the design at the request of a few friends. His friends wanted to use something other than the saffron flag with ‘Om’ printed on it for the festivities. Karan made the amazing sketch and sent it to his friends via WhatsApp.


Karan Acharya

Karan Acharya. Source


Here is the Hanuman vector graphic in question:



Little did Karan know that his design will go viral. It soon ended up behind cars, on bikes, autos, and even t-shirts, across the nation. Here are a few examples of the design on various mediums:



The design on the rear window of a car:



Many websites are selling t-shirts with Karan Acharya’s ‘Hanuman with an attitude’ design on them.





And now the artist has come up with a new design, this time it is Lord Ram. Sketched in black, on red and saffron backgrounds, Karan Acharya released it on occasion of Ramayana month. Ramayana month is an auspicious observation in Kerela which celebrates Hindu epic literature Ramayana.

Here is the hero Ram graphic by Acharya:



This is what Karan Acharya told MyNation in an exclusive interview:

“I had this painting ready one month ago but was waiting for the right occasion to release it. Now with Ramayana month being in news, this is my way of wishing everyone.”


Even PM Modi praised Karan and his Hanuman design. This is what Karan told a news daily about getting praised by the PM:

“My friends were calling me continuously on Sunday. I thought they were calling normally, but one of my friends texted me that the Prime Minister praised my painting. I didn’t believe at first. But when I saw his video, I was shocked and happy. I feel this is the biggest achievement of my life, as my work grabbed the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”



Karan gathers inspiration from the famous Raja Ravi Verma. He was surrounded by Indian mythology while growing up, an influence which lends to his designs. Hope to see many more brilliant graphics from Acharya.