Kapil Sharma, His Fan, And Parineeti Chopra Had An Interesting Conversation On Twitter

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1:47 pm 12 May, 2016


Not only do we love our comedy king, Kapil Sharma, he is also famous among our Bollywood celebrities. Kapil’s audience has a good time watching his shows, but it’s also a memorable experience for the celebrities who come to his show as a guest.

In just a few years, Kapil Sharma has become everyone’s favorite. This latest conversation between Kapil, his fan, and Parineeti Chopra is hilarious. Kapil called Parineeti his first and last love. Well, we are very familiar with his flirtatious behaviour. He loves to hit on every actress who comes to his show. Do you remember his “Deepu” for Deepika Padukone? Now, have a look at the conversation when his fan asked him about Parineeti’s next visit to his show.


So, this was the question the fan asked,


And his fan got lucky when Kapil replied,


The fan never would have expected that he will get a double dose of celebrities. To his luck, Parineeti replied as well.


To this, Kapil had his ever-ready reply.


Now we obviously expect Parineeti Chopra will appear on Kapil’s show soon. After this conversation, she has to!