Kapil Sharma Allegedly Threatens And Abuses Journalist For Defaming Him

1:04 pm 7 Apr, 2018


Ace comedian Kapil Sharma is in the headlines again but for all the wrong reasons.

Apparently, the comedian went on Twitter and posted series abusive tweets, some referencing to Salman Khan sentencing after the Blackbuck case and some tweets on his source of income on April 6 evening.

In the tweets, the stand-up comedian has mentioned SpotboyE Editor Vickey Lalwani’s name and accused him of spreading fake news about him for ‘little money’.

After a while, tweets were deleted from his Twitter account and the comedian posted had posted that his account was hacked and then deleted that tweet too. However, before getting deleted, a screenshot of the tweets was taken by the media.




Later that evening, Bollywood news portal SpotboyE’s Editor Vickey Lalwani, accused Kapil Sharma of abusing and threatening him for reporting stories criticizing the comedian’s work. Vickey Lalwani said that Kapil Sharma called him on the phone while he was doing his work and started abusing him as soon as he picked up the call. Lalwani also accused Sharma of abusing his daughter on the phone.


Evidently, the editor has mentioned about Kapil Sharma’s behavior and the abusive conversation on his website and posted the recording of the entire telephonic conversation on his YouTube channel. In the recording, the person talking on the other side has referred to himself as Kapil Sharma and is asking for justification regarding the bad news published against him. The conversation steadily led to abusive discussions.



By April 7 morning, the comedian had tweeted that, his team deleted the tweet and whatever he wrote on his account came straight from his heart. He called Editor Lalawani ‘shameless’ in his tweet and that he is not frightened by the reporter.


Kapil Sharma has retaliated to Vickey Lalwani by filing a police complaint against him and his ex-managers Neeti Simone and Preeti Simone, for trying to extort Rs 25 lakh from him. The comedian has also leveled charges against the editor for spreading fake news against him on digital media to defame him after he refused to pay the amount.


The actor has posted the pictures of the police complaint on his Twitter account.


With regards to the complaint, SpotboyE informed the Twitter that the company would hand over the audio recording tape to the Mumbai Police.


Kapil Sharma had been in news in the past when his abusive in-flight fight with co-actor Sunil Grover. Kapil Sharma had to reshuffle his team after Sunil Grover quit  the show. But due to decreasing TRPs of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, the show was taken off-air.


He returned on the television with a new show titled ‘Family Time With Kapil’, however, this show has also failed to generate TRPs for the showrunners.

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