Kapil Sharma Regrets Fighting Sunil Grover, Makes Interesting Revelations

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1:59 pm 14 Nov, 2017


Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s fight is one of the controversies that look never-ending. In March, Sunil Grover left the ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ after getting into an ugly spat with Kapil. Sunil who played Dr. Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi in the show was allegedly slapped by Kapil during a fight. Other artists also followed Sunil’s footsteps and left the show one after the another after claiming that they have been insulted by the famous comedian, Kapil.


Kapil Sharma has recently got his film ‘Firangi’ released. In his past interviews, he also claimed that after the whole fiasco he slipped into depression and things became way difficult for him.

Recently talking to PTI, Kapil expressed that when the news came out about his fight with Sunil, he was disturbed and this whole incident has taught him a lesson.


“These incidents teach you a lot. That even if you’re happy, you should stay within a limit. If you’re tensed, stay calm and not drink to get over it. It ruins more things. There were days I didn’t feel like doing some shows abroad but had to. Sometimes, I didn’t earn enough from them as much I invested out of my own pocket. I am not a businessman (to understand these things).”


Kapil accepted that he regrets what has happened. Taling further, he said:

“I thought things were not in my control when such news started appearing. I was flying back to back. I wouldn’t even go home. I used to check-in to a hotel, shoot, take another flight. I didn’t even have the time to reply or explain.”


He further added:

“Do I regret what happened with Sunil? Yes. I think what happened shouldn’t have happened. Par kabhi-kabhi main ye sochta hu jo hona hai usko koi rok bhi nahi sakta. Hona he tha shayad (But sometimes I think probably nobody could have stopped what happened. Things which have to happen eventually happen).”


When asked about the comments the people make about Kapil not being able to handle the success, he said:

“People often write I can’t handle success. I don’t know why. I’ve been working for 15 years, have been on national TV since the last 10 years. People who work with me would tell if I can handle it or not. If I really struggled to handle success, they wouldn’t work with me. But people write what they want. Your work will speak for you, I genuinely believe in this.”

Kapil, who says that he has left all the controversies behind, feels that the whole fight and issue has made him calmer.

“I’ve become calm. When I was leading the show, I used to get complaints of artistes. If they were guys, I’d scold both of them. If it was girl-boy, I wouldn’t say anything to the girl but scold the boy. I used to never listen to their side, which was my problem.”


He further added:

“Now, if anything happens, I am like ‘make peace and sort it out’. It’s your tension, if I take it all on me, all the news will mention my name because show is in my name.”


Kapil Sharma also made this clear that he soon will be focusing on a new show and think about returning on the television screens again.