‘Unwell’ Comedian Kapil Sharma is Eating These Many Tablets Everyday To Fight Depression

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3:51 pm 14 Apr, 2018


Comedian Kapil Sharma has been having a hard time ever since his mid-air brawl with co-star and once a friend, Sunil Grover, came into the limelight. In the past couple of months, Sharma made headlines when his show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma’ went off the air and he went on a Twitter rant against the conviction of Salman Khan. The actor also made the news when he abused the editor of a media house.




All these incidents have made his fans question his mental health. Recently, it was revealed that the actor is undergoing depression and is being treated for it. Actor Bharati Singh had also telephoned Sharma to ask about his well being.


According to a media report,  Kapil Sharma is taking 23 tablets a day. He has also been cancelling a lot of shoots for his new show ‘Family Time with Kapil’ and that is one of the major reasons why the channel had to shut down the show. His co-star Neha Pendse has also confirmed that they have not shot any episode of the new show for a long time and is hopeful that things will work out soon.



His new show’s producers Hemant Ruprell and Ranjit Thakur have also decided to discontinue their association with Sharma and their decision has been supported by the channel.



In a recent interview, Kapil Sharma said:

“Sony’s helmers are the most supportive people I’ve worked with. They believe in me. The people who want my career destroyed can spread whatever lies they want. I am okay with it. I am not new to people piggy riding on my success. Let them… as long as it gives them the satisfaction that they want. I know what I am doing.”



We sincerely hope that he gets well soon and continues to make us laugh.



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