Sunil Grover And Kapil Sharma Locked Horns Again On Twitter Over Kapil’s New Show

6:05 pm 18 Mar, 2018


Seems like the rivalry of comedians Kapil Sharma & Sunil Grover is not going to end anytime soon. Just when we thought that everything has turned normal between the two, they locked horns again.

As we all know that Kapil Sharma is gearing up for his comeback with the new show ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’ and hence, the new spat between Kapil and Sunil is regarding this new show only. Both of them got dirty on Twitter and here are the tweets that prove it.


When Kapil announced his new show by releasing the trailers, everyone got curious whether Sunil is going to be a part of it or not. Seeing all curiosities buzzing around, Sunil thought to pour in his views on Twitter and tweeted:



This tweet of Sunil incurred Kapil’s wrath and the Twitter war began.

Kapil backfired by giving this response and saying that Sunil is lying and taking advantage of him.



The tweet-war continued:



After reading out Kapil’s comments, Sunil finally opened up and tweeted a short message to everyone who was awaiting his reply.




Let’s see what Kapil will say next. Do you have anything to say on this? Tell us in comments.

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