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Yes, Kapil Sharma Made A Mistake, But Why Are We Defaming Him So Badly?

Updated on 26 March, 2017 at 7:34 pm By

Fame has made Kapil Sharma an arrogant person.

Kapil Sharma is jealous of Sunil Grover’s success.

Kapil Sharma just cannot handle fame.



These insensitive remarks on Kapil have destroyed his too good to be true image. In just a week, from being the most loved comedian, he has been disgraced to an “arrogant and jealous” star. His success, his hard work, his love for people, his struggle and fame, all have lost their shine. Only because he had a verbal fight with his fellow comedian, Sunil Grover, on his flight to Melbourne. The most unfortunate part is that it happened in public.

Yes, Kapil lost his cool. In fact, he ill-treated Sunil, and he deserves all the backlash for abusing Sunil. But, questioning his character and talent is not justified. Is it right to savagely shame someone for one abusive fight? Because, beyond his impeccable achievements, Kapil is a human. And someone has rightly quoted, “As long as we are human, we are bound to make mistakes”.



Why are we forgetting where he came from?


From losing his father due to cancer, struggling as an actor for ten long years to facing rejection in the preliminary rounds of the ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Show’, Kapil’s extraordinary journey to the top has been quite painful and inspiring.

Hailing from Amritsar and entertaining the world with his unparallel talent exemplifies what an average man can achieve with hard work and perseverance. He made millions smile with his witty jokes, and today, we are making a joke of him. It is sad and utterly surprising to see how people’s perception changed overnight. Kapil’s stardom is not gifted by any Bollywood godfather, it is self-made. Still, we are using our liberty, and spitting out venomous thoughts over one unfortunate mistake.




Why are we suddenly dethroning Kapil and comparing him with Sunil Grover?

The truth is, both are extremely talented and gifted comedians. It is also true that Kapil’s success rate in recent years has been marginally high. He won ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Show’, ruled the ‘Comedy Circus’ for six seasons, and had the paramount success with ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. But all this doesn’t make him a better comedian than Sunil Grover. Even Sunil’s portrayal of Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Devi is unmatchable.

In short, both Kapil and Sunil are not competing but complementing each other’s performance on their show. No comedian can survive solely. Kapil is nothing without Sunil Grover and vice versa.


They say Kapil Sharma is an arrogant star. Maybe he his. But we cannot ignore his humility as well.

Just when the controversy between him and Sunil stirred up, he wrote a Facebook post accepting his mistake, which is a very brave and honest thing to do. Plus, he called it a family matter, which shows that Sunil is really close to his heart.

In reply, Sunil wrote a Twitter post like an elder brother. Though the post had some really rigid opinions, but Kapil took everything in his stride.




Just as Kapil said, “Don’t drink and tweet”, he needs to learn a new lesson i.e don’t drink in flight.

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