Remember, Kapil Sharma Promised To Bounce Back Soon? He Is Rumored To Be Here Now!

9:32 pm 27 Apr, 2018


Comedian Kapil Sharma seems to be going through a rough phase in his life. After touching massive popularity among the audience, his shows are consistently facing steep downfall even after he putting up his best efforts.


Everything started in 2016, when Kapil had and ugly fight with Sunil Grover on a plane. After the fight, Sunil Grover left “The Kapil Sharma Show” and never came back even after being approached for so many times.


The King of comedy Kapil Sharma recently grabbed the headlines after he posted a series of tweets abusing the SpotboyE editor, Vicky Lalwani. He also filed a complaint of extortion against his ex-managers Neeti Simoes, Preeti Simoes, and the SpotboyE editor, Vicky Lalwani.

He has said that his ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti, duped him of Rs 25 Lakh.

He said that Preeti and Neeti had taken the money at various instances from the show’s audience by charging them to be on the show, and also never let him know about it.


However, all claims were denied by Preeti later and she even stated that this could land Kapil in a legal situation. As per a report, the two women were working with Kapil in 2016. They later left him when they feared Kapil would get to know about the fraud, however joined him only three days later to reconcile the differences.


Reportedly, three months later, Kapil got to know about their fraud and again in 2017, the two women left his show. The police have been investigating the entire matter and it is now clear that no evidence has been found against the two women. Due to the fact that the two women had good terms with Kapil Sharma previously, no case can be registered against them.



The report also states that Kapil has been under rehabilitation and is getting himself treated, before he makes his comeback on the screen again.

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