This Was Kapil Sharma’s Awesome Reply When A Girl Asked Him For A Trip To Nainital

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1:05 pm 5 May, 2016

We all know about the comedy king of Indian television – Kapil Sharma. He started his career by doing 2 minutes stand up acts and has now reached a point where he has more that a million fans following him and his own show. We have seen Kapil flirting with celebrities on stage and almost everyone is familiar with his romcom style.

We came across these flirtatious Tweets when we were stalking his Twitter account. Kapil Sharma’s fans are no less. One of his fans invited him on a trip to Nainital.



Overly interested, Kapil didn’t give a single thought before accepting it. Our very own comedian is not like that on stage only. Our stars don’t often take out time to reply to Tweets, but look at what Kapil said.



Not only this. He didn’t leave any chance to make her feel special. This was an overwhelming gesture by Kapil on her birthday that left his fans saying, “Awwww!”



Something went wrong. We got to know that Kapil Sharma was roaming on the hills and enjoying the weather not with this girl, but alone!


But what happened later? Why did you break your promise? Seems as if your fan is really sad and you should do something out-of-the-box to make her happy.



We are hoping that Kapil will reply soon. He definitely doesn’t want to lose such an amazing admirer. Good luck, Kapil!


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