Kapil Dev Reveals The Names Of Three Indian Cricketers Who Changed The Game Like No One

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12:03 pm 6 Nov, 2017


We breathe cricket because this game has changed the way we see our nation. This sport has given us immense pride in being an Indian and all the credit goes to the iconic cricketers who have played this game with greatness.

Our madness for cricket started when the legend, Kapil Dev, lifted the 1983 World Cup. We were not favorites then, but this defining moment urged millions in India to fall in love with this game.


After this epic win, cricket almost became like the national sport of India. Every aspiring Indian cricketer started dreaming of this trophy and this is how the cricketing heroes were born.

Kapil Dev recently spoke to ‘International Business Times’ and revealed his three heroes who revolutionized this game in their own style.

The first one is the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, who became an emotion that can never be replaced.

The second one in his list is Virender Sehwag. This mighty entertaining batsman played like a star on the field. Every record was destroyed on the day he was in form.

The third and the last in his list is Mr. Supercool, MS. Dhoni. One word that describes him best is “effortless”. His strategies have never failed him, certainly, his mind is magic.

This is what Kapil Dev said about these icons,

All three are different kinds of cricketers. They brought a new generation of people to the grounds. That was very important. Sachin was instrumental, playing for 24 years and inspiring so many people to take up the game. Virender Sehwag changed the style of modern-day cricket. And Dhoni, coming from a small town, made it big. Every Indian now feels he can belong to a small town and still dream of becoming like Dhoni.


Hail the champions!

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