Kapil Dev Once Asked Dawood Ibrahim To Get Out Of The Dressing Room

7:20 pm 9 Aug, 2017


It was a day before the 1986 India-Pakistan Champions Trophy match in Sharjah, when Indian captain Kapil Dev had a one to one interaction with India’s most wanted criminal, Dawood Ibrahim, asking him to get out of the dressing room. It is said that Dawood offered Toyota cars to all players of the team, if they succeeded in defeating Pakistan in the match which was about to take place the next day.

At that point, Kapil didn’t admit to know that he was Dawood. People except players and staff were not allowed to enter the dressing room. As per a report, Kapil mentioned,

Yes, I remember a gentleman walking into our dressing room in a game in Sharjah and wanting to talk to the players. But I asked him to leave the dressing room immediately as outsiders were not allowed.

Dawood allegedly offered Toyota cars to the entire team



Kapil added,

He listened to me and then walked out of the dressing room without saying anything. Later, someone told me he was a smuggler from Bombay and his name was Dawood Ibrahim. Beyond that nothing happened.

However, Dilip Vengsarkar’s version of the story reveals something else. Dilip stated at a function in Jalgaon, and it is said by him that Kapil had no idea of the cars being offered.

Dawood had said: ‘If you guys win the tournament, I will give all of you a Toyota car each. The offer was rejected by the team.

“No such offer came to my knowledge then. If Dilip is saying it now, he would know more than me,” replied Kapil Dev, when later inquired about the cars.

Dawood is said to be the alleged mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts and is the most wanted criminal in India till date.



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