Kapil Sharma Expressed His Anger to PM Narendra Modi Via Tweets, But Why?

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:27 pm

The comedy king of India, ever smiling and laughing, Kapil Sharma lashed out at PM Modi and questioned him about the ‘achche din’  promised by PM.



In his tweets, Kapil expressed his anger over bribery in India. According to him, even after paying taxes, he has to pay bribes to BMC Office in order to construct his office.


He even questioned about the good days promised by the PM and his party at the time of elections.


Meanwhile, when Kapil mentioned the amount of income tax he has to pay every year i.e. 15 crore. People started counting his income!


Though, to Kapil Sharma’s tweets, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra has replied and asked for all the information regarding the BMC officer and the situation.


Because of his large fan following, Kapil Sharma’s tweet quickly went viral and has already been retweeted  more than six thousand times.

Let’s see if PM Modi will reply to Kapil, and what it will be!