Do Aliens Really Exist? A Kanpur Boy Claims He Has Clicked UFO Photos

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4:56 pm 26 Jun, 2015

Do you believe in aliens? A Kanpur boy has claimed that he snapped photos of a UFO while trying to capture some clouds in his smartphone. The incident reportedly happened at Shyamnagar locality on Wednesday, reports Indian Express.

The photos are of a stereotypical flying saucer -the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when you say UFO. There are some flashing red lights too. Santosh Gupta, whose son Abhijit clicked the photos, now wants scientists to examine them.

Whether it is a real UFO or not, it is still a debatable point. But 11,202 similar sightings have been recorded in California so far. In fact, the United States gets so many sightings of unidentified (or unnecessarily) flying objects that there is even a national register of such events with the National UFO reporting Centre.


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