Baby Doll Fame Kanika Kapoor Has Found Her Lost Sister?

4:03 pm 30 Nov, 2018


There are 7.7 billion people on earth and there are also chances that one will look just like you. Moreover, sometimes it happens that the two people look so similar that you can feel they are one. We think that Babydoll fame singer Kanika Kapoor has also found her lost sister. When we saw Kanika’s doppelganger Sonalee Kulkarni we thought of them as lost sisters in Khumbh ka Mela. If you don’t believe me take a look at their faces.

Sonalee has worked in more than 20 Marathi movies till date. She recently did a photo shoot and posted the pictures on her Instagram account. Looking at the pictures we were speechless. Not only because she was looking jaw-dropping beautiful but she looked exactly the copy of Kanika Kapoor.




Look at the hot photoshoot of Singham Returns actress Sonalee Kulkarni and see the glaring similarities between her and Kanika Kapoor.


Sonalee looked stunning in the pictures and we couldn’t believe our eyes. Doesn’t she look exactly copy of Kanika Kapoor?



After working as a model in her early career, Kulkarni made her debut in Kedar Shinde’s Marathi film Bakula Namdeo Ghotale, for which she received the Zee Gaurav award for best actress.



Here are some other pictures from her photo shoot.


Too hot in red!


Before acting, Sonalee had a successful modeling career and after she entered Bollywood, she received a lot of positive reactions for her role in Singham Returns.




We are sure if Kanika and Sonalee will now meet they will observe how similar they look and might just realise that they are the lost sisters!





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