He Offered Rs.11 Lakh To Shoot Kanhaiya, But Adarsh Sharma Has Just Rs.115 In Bank

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3:12 pm 7 Mar, 2016

Some over-patriotic idiot announced this bizarre (and objectionable) reward:


Hardly is anyone interested in this group and its so-called leader Adarsh Sharma, but the guy did pose for press:



Adarsh Sharma with his poster at the Connaught Place. Communalism

Anyway, a case was filed and the police began looking for the absconding Adarsh, who is a resident of Begusarai in Bihar – the same town from where Kanhaiya Kumar hails.

But if you found the announcement distasteful, you will laugh your intestines out at this.

The police found that Adarsh has only Rs.115 in his bank account – less than the auto fare from New Delhi station to JNU campus.




The police are doing their job; they have sent a team to Begusarai and are raiding possible hideouts of Sharma. They also learnt that Sharma used to borrow money from his friends to survive.


Sunny Deol


However, the fact that Sharma did not have the money for the reward was revealed by him to The Indian Express a day ago, where he had stated that he would be seeking donations from all Purvanchalis for the same.

In an interview with News Nation, the ‘adarshwadi’ Sharma had stated that he was proud of his state, Bihar, because it was a land of “Buddha, Ashoka and Jains” while defending his announcement by stating that the “Indian law is weak”.


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