From Calling CPI ‘Confused Party’ To Joining It, Here’s Why Kanhaiya Kumar’s Brand Of Politics Weakens Democracy

1:12 pm 30 Apr, 2018


Former JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar got elected as a part of 125-member National Council of Communist Party of India (CPI). He will contest in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections from a CPI seat in Bihar. Quite ironically, just a day before he branded CPI as a ‘confused party.’

While addressing 23rd party congress, he attacked the leadership for focusing on developing ties with Congress rather than developing the strength of the party. He said:

“Instead of focusing on backing the Congress party, the CPI should strengthen itself for a situation where the Congress would seek the support of the CPI.”

Funnily, his statement differs diversely from his earlier stance where he extended his support to Congress as a measure to curb advances of BJP in the country.



Netizens are not taking this frequent shift of stands lightly, here’s how they expressed their thoughts:










This seemingly emerging youth leader of modern India poses a very big problem with the brand of politics he follows. As he still keeps pushing socialism as the only elixir for masses, his real source of motivation seems to come from an Anti-Modi stance.

He comes from a disgruntled section of youth who are educated but not oppressed. Shrouded with the two contradictory virtues of education, enlightenment and frustration, he wants to improve things in his own way. With his controversial comments and speeches, he grabbed the position of being the poster-boy of Left-liberals. He associates with statist and interventionist mentality, if manifests, will weaken the roots of democracy.

Not to forget, his ranting about the existing issues without providing any viable solution or alternative doesn’t offer anything new. He remains as a one-agenda leader, like his predecessors, confining his fierce thirst for change only till electoral candidacy. In nutshell, wrapped in the gimmick of youthfulness and anti-government agenda, leaders like him advance such a brand of politics that ultimately smudge the core essence of democracy.


What are your thoughts about Kanhaiya Kumar’s political vision?

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