Kangana Ranaut Says She Is Not A Man-Hater

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2:35 pm 16 Sep, 2017


Bollywood ‘Queen’, Kangana Ranaut has also emerged as the ‘Queen of controversies’ of late. The young woman stunned the world with her bold statements and revelations about the men she has reportedly been in a relationship with, Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi to be precise. And now, she has again hit the headlines for yet another remark about men.

Kangana Ranaut, at a recent event, was asked if she is a man-hater and her answer was a reason of surprise for everyone around. The 30-year-old actress said that she is not a man-hater and that most of her friends are men. The Times of India quotes her saying,

I am not a man-hater. I am not sure when I became a feminist. The whole perception of inequality, and one of being inferior to the other is so bizarre for me to come to terms with that I can’t understand it. The law of universal equality makes me look like a feminist but I feel feminism is a sorry state to be in for any society. Because you are lacking something and feminism is acting like a medicine to that illness or disease.

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According to Kangana, an ideal society has no room for feminism. Here is what she said further,


We should be a healthy society and bring equality. It is bizarre that people believe one section is less than the other. We should not have it (feminism) at all.

On being asked if the film-industry is male-dominated, Kangana said,

It’s something very hurtful, if I say in an upfront way it’ll make big headlines.

The unstoppable Kangana went on to say that the position of women in a society also has connection with people’s hypocritical view about sex. She said,

The way one treats and sees a woman reflects in his relationship with his daughter or wife. The world of glamour is almost like a fantasy land. It’s full of magic and opportunities. It’s always assumed that sex for women is a bad thing. I know a lot of people who have been very protective of their women, it’s all about keeping them away from men, opportunities, glamour as they think women might get swayed and have affairs. When it’s the affair of their son, you’ll hear so many men openly brag about it. ‘My son is a casanova, what will he do if not have multiple affairs’. But when it comes to their girls, they are like ‘how dare my girl is going to date anyone, how dare she is thinking of joining films and people will watch her in mini skirts. My girl won’t wear bikini but I don’t mind bikini clad women around me or my son. It’s as petty as that. They feel it’s very manly to have such feudal ideologies and flaunt it like that