Kangana Ranaut Gets Candid Again, Talks About Why She Gets Dumped Every Single Time

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5:10 pm 19 Mar, 2018


Kangana Ranaut is a one-woman army. Her fiery and fatal words have the power to shake the Bollywood biggies and make them apologize. She says what she believes, and doesn’t care if it hampers her image.




Her troubled relationships have always been the talk of the town. More recently, her ugly spat with Hrithik Roshan became a shocker when she unapologetically vented out the insensitive details of their relationship on a TV Show.

Before that, too, her infamous relationship with Adhyayan Suman was a ‘black magic’ mystery. And also, one cannot forget her scandalous affair with Aditya Pancholi.


To top it all, the queen holds no regret. Ever wondered, why? Because she is a lover of a different kind. In a recent summit with News18, she spoke about what love means to her.

 “For me, love is not just physical, it’s spiritual and platonic…My boyfriends have asked me, how do you know everything about my life, it’s black magic, it’s telepathic. It’s how I love. And if my love is psycho, then it’s fine. I’ll find someone else. I am fine being called a witch.”


Moreover, she has a history of falling for the losers, but surprisingly, she never got the chance to dump them. She says:

“I’ve never gotten the chance or had the privilege to dump anyone. I was always the one who got dumped. If I told you some of the names, you’d be shocked that even this loser has dumped me. They come back but then I can’t take them back, because by then I’ve moved on to another loser.”



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