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Kangana Ranaut Uses Economics To Explain Why It’s Stupid For Anyone To Move To Hollywood Right Now

Updated on 4 February, 2017 at 4:59 pm By

The last year of 2016 has been all about Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone making headlines in Hollywood tabloids. While Bollywood was hooting for the two in gratitude for opening the gates to world cinema, Kangana Ranaut (as usual) didn’t resonate much.



In an interview with Mid-day, Kangana Ranaut got down to a very logical explanation of why she wouldn’t prefer to move west. In fact, she thinks it’s pretty stupid for anyone to do that right now.

And boy, lady’s got some facts to back it up!


It would be stupid for anyone to make the move to the West now. Their theatre business is crashing because of the influx of digital media. Asia, on the other hand, is where Hollywood was 15 years ago. It is a lucrative time for entertainment here. These are baits that I won’t fall prey to.


She further went on to explain why she wouldn’t want to contribute to the economy of any other country.



If an American film (The Jungle Book, 2016) is doing Rs. 100 crore business, and not all our films are able to, we may not find adequate screens for home-bred films 10 years down the line. I’m all for world cinema, but it needs to be a film that brings employment and money into our country. I don’t wish to offer myself on a platter to another industry.


On another note, aren’t we proud to see someone support “Make In India” with so much conviction?


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