Twitterati Accused Kamal Haasan Of Double Standards After His Daughter’s ‘I Am Iyengar’ Video Resurfaced

5:23 pm 3 Jul, 2018


Kamal Haasan started his journey in the film world as a child artist and emerged as one of the biggest superstars of India. His versatility in acting gave us many memorable characters that are still captivating. Not to forget he also directed movies that experienced a fair share of success in box office. Presently, he is exploring a very different path of life. This actor has now plunged into the world of politics.

Recently, he had a #AskKamalHaasan session on social media where he was answering the questions of netizens. One user raised the question that how he proposes to take the issue of caste to the next generation. In other words, the user wanted to know how will he work towards abolishing the stigma of the caste system as a politician. Here’s the tweet:



To which, Kamal Haasan replied that he refused to fill caste or religion column for his daughter’s school form. He further said that every individual needs to contribute for initiating change. Read the reply here:



However, another user pointed out that during a talk show his daughter Shruti Haasan proudly asserted her caste identity. Here’s the video:



Soon Twitterati started accusing him of being a hypocrite and having double standards. Needless to say, they started trolling him mercilessly. Here’s what they wrote:








Do you also think Kamal Haasan is a hypocrite?