Kamaal R Khan Tried To Mock At Khans, Only To Get Shut Down By Their Fans

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1:47 pm 9 Jul, 2018


Kamaal R Khan is seen as one hopeless person, by the film industry and audiences alike. He is one of the few people who have, on most of the occasions, spread nuisance in media, including the social media. He has come up with useless movie reviews and baseless claims on his Twitter page many times. Last year, he claimed that he will leave Twitter but the social media platform itself suspended his account. A few days later, he threatened of committing suicide if his account wasn’t restored and gave people another chance to laugh at him.

Then Kamaal R Khan made another Twitter account with the name KRKBOXOFFICE and started targeting the three Khans of Bollywood. A few months ago, he again became the subject of mockery when he said that he has stomach cancer and will die in a few years to come.



KRK has spoken against the three Khans on more than one occasion. And now he has done it yet again. Praising the film ‘Sanju’, he said that Ranbir Kapoor will soon be the biggest star of Bollywood. He further said that the era of Khans will be finished in the next 3 years.



In an attempt to insult the Khans, particularly Shah Rukh Khan by dragging his upcoming film ‘Zero’ in the matter, KRK came up with a series of tweets. You can take a look at his tweets below:




Considering the massive fan following of SRK and the other two Khans, and KRK’s own image on the social media, there was no chance that he could have been spared by Twitterati. Here is how Twitter users slammed him left, right and center for mocking at their favourite stars:

















Do you think KRK got a good lesson?