Kamaal R Khan Is Back On Twitter. Tweeple Slammed Big B For Welcoming Him

6:54 pm 5 Sep, 2018


Actor Kamaal R Khan aka KRK has been at the center of many controversies. He has received serious backlashes on many occasions ever since the beginning of his career. But the situation aggravated when he joined Twitter and began his journey as a self-proclaimed critic. It won’t be wrong to say that Kamaal R Khan is one of the people who doesn’t know when to shut up. And he has been spewing a lot of garbage for quite some time now.

Many of his reviews and statements are derogatory to women as well as different castes. Twitterati has often criticised Kamaal R Khan for his nonsensical and below the line remarks.



So naturally, when his account was suspended a while ago, most Tweeps sighed with relief. Even though no one was sure why his account got suspended, they rejoiced irrespective of the reason. But unfortunately, the actor is back on Twitter.



And this is not the most surprising news. What’s even more surprising is that Bollywood’s Shehanshah, Amitabh Bachchan welcomed the actor back.

Here is Amitabh sir’s tweet welcoming Kamaal R Khan back to Twitter:



As soon as this tweet saw the light of the day, Twitterati shook with surprise and dismay. Many even tweeted their displeasure back at Big B.


This is what some of the tweets went like:


The Bachchan’s have stooped to such a level that they have to market such phony people.




Welcoming such a menace back is a shameful act.



It’s shocking that Big B is tweeting about a man like this.







What do you think of KRK being back on twitter? And what’s your take on Big B’s tweet? Do let us know.