Negative Publicity Over Aishwarya Rai Ad Helps Employees Win Their Fight

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3:24 pm 27 Apr, 2015


Criticize the  Kalayan ad featuring Aishwarya Rai as much as you like but the ad publicity, as reported by, did help Kalayan Sarees employees to win their fight!

The employees of Kalayan showroom in Thrissur (Kerala) who had been protesting for three months, rejoined work on Saturday, April 25.

Called a “right to sit” protest, protesters demands were as basic as right to better wages, the right to sit during work and permission to use the washroom during work hours.

The chain of events started late last year after the management of Kalyan Sarees in Thrissur, Kerala transferred six of its women staff, without prior notice, to branches across Kerala.

Sitting for two minutes was a luxury for Maya Devi (protester), even when she was on her period. She said:

“It is miserable with no stools or chairs to sit or take rest for few minutes. With men as supervisors, we cannot share our menstruation problems. Sometimes, we put cardboard boxes in front of the toilet and sit. The idea is to sit away from the spying eyes of camera.”

However, the management declined any such issue. Shivprasad Nair, a spokesperson for Kalyan Saree, said:


“Our staff share the same washrooms as our customers. I guess they are revolting because they are provided too much comfort.”

But truth prevails! The six women’s transfers have been cancelled, they will get salaries for the duration of strike and, most importantly, stools to sit on.

Way to go ladies!

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