Kalki Koechlin Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment And Discrimination In Bollywood In This Interview To BBC

2:32 pm 15 Jan, 2018


Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin recently spoke to BBC and revealed about the often unspoken issue of sexual harassment and discrimination in the entertainment industry in India. The video of which was released by the BBC on Youtube on January 13. As per the video, Kalki was asked why women in Bollywood are not speaking about sexual harassment. And it was the question that led the actress to lash out the often kept under-wrapped issue in Bollywood.


Kalki Koechlin begins her answer by explaining why most women don’t speak up about their experiences saying ‘it’s a very difficult step to take’ because ‘their career is on the line’.

The actress lamented that, being in the industry, one has to deal with hundreds of people where each one throw their opinions at you. She said that can really shake a person emotionally.


Kalki also spoke out about the struggles that the newcomers has to face or go through in Bollywood. Speaking out in support of those newcomers, the actress admitted that there’s discrimination in the industry because of the way they look. In her own words,


“I know several girls who are newcomers in Bollywood – struggling, going for auditions, who are constantly being discriminated because of the way they look. People say you are too fat or comments being made or being hit on.”

The actress said that things like discrimination on the way they look and phone calls at two in the morning from the casting director are not being reported by anyone and nobody is researching on them ‘because there is no famous person to headline it’.


Kalki Koechlin said that ‘men have been pretty clueless about the fact that almost every woman has been harassed in some way or the other. But they are just so numb to it’.

She also confessed to having daily battles that she is facing. However, the actress suggested that it is important to have a good support group, which can be online, a therapist, family or friends. She called on that both men and women need to be having a dialogue with each other, not against each other.

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