Kajol Was Forced To Issue A Clarification Because Of This Reason

Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:44 pm

Kajol is known for not mincing words when she speaks. She is charming, jolly and very affable among all the actors in Bollywood. It is, therefore, expected for Kajol’s friend list to be really long.



On Sunday, Kajol attended the opening of a pop-up restaurant ‘FoodStories’, which belongs to her friend Ryan. With her were other friends.


But it is not her friendship that social media started talking about – it is a special dish.

Kajol’s friend had prepared a dish made from “beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef”. DNAafterhrs shared a video showing Kajol and her friend talk about the dish on Instagram.

In that video, Kajol is heard saying jokingly, “We are going to cut his hands off after this.”


But that video angered many of her fans and she received flak for consuming a beef dish.

Unless you are one of those who live under a rock or know nothing about those you call “cattle class”, you should know that beef is a very controversial subject in India these days.


This is a screenshot showing some comments on Zee News’ Facebook feed on a story of Kajol sharing the video. Facebook

So obviously, Kajol had to issue a statement on the same.


Rest easy, folks!