Mother Dunks Young Son’s Head In Toilet For Using ‘Foul Language’, Receives Death Threats Online!

3:43 pm 6 Sep, 2018


Parenting can be a nightmare, especially with young naughty children. Not every mother is able to save her sanity when it comes to disciplining her naughty tots while the father is away. As anyone with a young child will agree, it takes a lot more than raising a finger or snatching a favorite toy to discipline a child. In such a situation, a Florida mother, Kaitlyn Wolf, has been severely criticised for using a bizarre method which she termed as ‘novel punishment’.

In a bizarre incident posted on Facebook, Kaitlyn Wolf, a medical worker from Leesburg, is facing investigations and severe backlash over her parenting technique to punish her three-year-old son.




In the viral Facebook video, Kaitlyn Wolf is seen dunking her son’s head inside a toilet.



According to the Florida mother, her young son was never in any real danger as seems in the video.



It’s said that the video was recorded by Kaitlyn Wolf’s eldest son which shows her three-year-old’s head sunk in the toilet.



In the video, the screaming child can be heard saying “No”. The mother, however, said that her son was just going hysterical with laughter!



The mom-of-two punished her son for using a ‘foul’ language. However, before this incident, she decided to do this by washing out his mouth with soap and water.



Kaitlyn Wolf explained that her son’s face didn’t get wet in the incident and that the now-viral recording doesn’t show the real story.



She insists that ‘there was a lot happening before the film’ till it shows only a portion of her screaming child.



Apparently, Kaitlyn Wolf had sent the video to a friend, showing her ‘novel’ disciplinary methods. But, the video got forwarded to another friend who shared it online.



Now, Kaitlyn Wolf has claimed that she’s received death threats for her action, which she insisted was just a ‘joke’.



Clarifying the ‘joke’, Kaitlyn Wolf said: “My sons and I horseplay. We stuck his head in the toilet and flushed it, my older son recorded it.’



Most Facebook users who watched the clip contacted the Leesburg Police Department, urging it to take action.



Watch the viral video being circulated on social media which caused such an outrage:



After the complaint, the Leesburg police claimed that the incident “is under investigation” and that “they are working closely with the State Attorney” for pursuing charges.



However, in a turn of events, the State Attorney’s office has declined to pursue any criminal charges against Wolf. This is the confirmation: