Kangana Ranaut Reacted To Zaira Wasim’s Molestation Case, Slammed Those Who Called It A Publicity Stunt

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8:06 pm 14 Dec, 2017


‘Dangal’ fame Zaira Wasim was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. The teenager went live on Instagram and narrated the horrific ordeal she had to face while traveling on a Vistara flight from Delhi to Mumbai. According to Zaira the passenger named Vikas Sachdev who was sitting behind her kept his feet on her armrest and rubbed her. The actress traumatized by the incident complained that not even the cabin crew could do anything about it.


When the 17-year-old actress raised her voice against molestation, people slammed her and called it a publicity stunt.



Even a journalist slammed the actress and victim shamed her. There were many people who called the whole molestation allegation fake and thrashed the actress for going live on social media about it rather than approaching the law.


Now, according to The New Indian Express, the Queen of Bollywood has finally come out in Zaira’s support.

The actress who is famous for not mincing her words opened up about her views on the incident during Shobhaa De’s book launch event and said:

“I want to bring to your notice this young girl, who has spoken about this harassment that she faced in a flight. But look at the backlash she is getting. It is so upsetting. I mean there are witnesses, who are claiming that the innocent man just happened to put his foot on the arm-rest and that’s the only crime that the person committed. If anyone is going to put foot on my arm-rest, it’s open to interpretation, that if this is emotional or sexual harassment or personal because you are in my intimate space, and I will interpret it. Your fellow passengers can’t tell me that his innocent leg was resting.”


She further added:

“A young girl decides to step up, and say that she has been harassed, there are so many things like your own parents, people who wish you well and your management companies, they tend to tell you, ‘Don’t associate yourself with something dark. You are the girl, who wants this brand, that brand, who wants this and that film.’ For that young girl to go against all of that and speak up.

Now, I am not in that position, so I don’t know what kind of harassment it was. But everyone agrees on one thing that the foot was on her arm-rest. This is wrong. It is very wrong. Why are we judging and trolling her? In this kind of environment, which is so frightening, who will speak up?”

After Zaira’s video went viral, the molester got arrested. However, his wife and a friend defended him saying that he apologized to her during the flight and Zaira said,”it’s okay”.


Talking about if she was in Zaira’s place, Kangana said:

“Most people saying that he was just keeping his foot on the armrest, taking an innocent nap. For me, it is highly offensive. I would have broken his leg. So, I think it is arguable. I am not dissecting or jumping to the conclusion, and no one should play judge whether it is me or media or social media.”

Kangana has been in the news a lot from past one year. But the actress never stepped back from expressing herself. Whether it’s her nepotism remark that created controversy or her “silly exes” comment that gave birth to the mother of controversies, Kangana has always faced her problems heroically.


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