Kabbadi Player Shanti Devi Who Captained Bihar Team, Is Now Selling Vegetables

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12:51 pm 22 Sep, 2016

Former National Champion from Bihar’s Kabbadi Team, Shanti Devi represented Bihar team in more than 10 national tournaments.

Her talent in the game was such that she was made the captain of the national Kabbadi team in 1983 and 1984 and under her captaincy Bihar won a Silver in the Guwahati National Games.


India Today

Former Kabbadi Player Shanti Devi. India Today

Now over two decades later, Shanti has not only quit the world of sports but also given up on the hope that the government would ever help her.

Her fall from the world of Kabaddi hit her hard as the sport not only failed to provide her any job but also failed to provide her any means by which she could feed her family.

Over two decades on, Shanti now sells vegetables at a local market in Jamshedpur, her achievement and medals lying forgotten in the corner of her house.

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To make matters worse, the government and politicians over the years not only failed to help her, but many have just used her name and fame make false promises during elections, and then leave her to her plight, completely forgetting about her.

In 2014, India saw the launch of its first ever Pro-Kabbadi League. Over the weeks, Kabbadi took the country by storm and many, including celebs, were left awestruck by the fast paced game.


Bollywood Celebs watch Pro Kabbadi League. India.com

While world took notice, Shanti was least interested in what was going on in the world of Kabbadi and more interested in feeding her family.

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