As ‘Kabali’ Nears Its Release, Superstar Rajnikanth Takes Over The Streets Of Madurai. Literally.

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10:04 pm 16 Jun, 2016


How do we know ‘Kabali’ is a much-awaited movie? Within 24 hours of the teaser trailer’s release in Asia in April this year, it gained 5 million hits, becoming the most-watched teaser trailer for an Asian film in 24 hours.

Kabali poster


As the film nears its release, fans of Rajnikanth can barely contain their excitement about the movie. The film’s second teaser was released today and had already earned several views and comments.




On the streets of Madurai, Rajnikanth adds a splash of color short distances away. These photos show that Rajnikanth is the main attraction of the movie as he’s the only one on the posters.



In the movie, Rajnikanth plays the role of an aged don, Kabaliswaran. It is being speculated that his role is based on the life of a real-life mob boss from Chennai.

Kabali posters MAdurai


The Tamil film will be released in dubbed versions in Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam, as well as in Malay and Tamil in Singapore and Indonesia. It will also be dubbed in Thai and Chinese. It will be release in 5000 screens worldwide.



We’re pretty sure that the movie is going to be a huge hit.

Because Rajnikanth.


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