Shocking First Day Collection Of Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ Leaves The Bollywood Khans Behind

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4:52 pm 24 Jul, 2016

Rajinikanth has been one of the biggest names in the field of acting for a long, long time and now he has proved that he can still bring in the big numbers!


With a smashing opening day, the ‘Kabali’ team announced their first day domestic collection and it shocked us all.



I’m unable to believe the numbers but it’s still true. As per this source, with a collection of Rs 250 crore, ‘Kabali’ is now the all-time biggest opener in India.

What about the big names of Bollywood? Well, they are nowhere near the ‘Kabali’ collection range. Here is a list of big budget movies and their opening collections:



Apart from Rajinikanth’s huge fan following, there is one other reason for such a huge collection and that is its release in various languages. Whereas Bollywood movies are released in just one language, ‘Kabali’ was released in Tamil as well as in Telugu and Hindi in dubbed versions. It was also released in approximately 8,000-10,000 screens all over the world, which include 480 screens in the US, 490 in Malaysia and above 500 in Gulf countries.




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