July 22 Is ‘Kabali’ Day So Some Companies Have Declared It A Holiday

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4:39 pm 20 Jul, 2016

There is a storm coming. Oh, that’s so lame! I should say Rajinikanth is coming. The Thalaiva will be arriving as ‘Kabali’ in theatres near you on July 22.

The excitement is palpable. Everyone loves India’s greatest superstar and is always ready to see him beating his age by doing some unbelievable, logic-defying action.




But Friday is a regular working day and not a weekend, and if you don’t catch the first day, first show of a Rajinikanth movie, you’re not a die-hard Thalaiva fan.

So what do you do? You skip office. But there are scores of others like you! And what happens if everyone takes a leave on the same day? Bad for the company.

So, many companies across South India hit upon a novel idea – declare ‘Kabali’ release day a holiday!

Like this one here in Chennai:


And this one in Bengaluru:


How nice the companies are! But they have to be because…


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