Ka-Naada Is The First Patent Keyboard Specifically Designed For Indic Languages!

3:12 pm 18 Jul, 2018


Ka-Naada is a keyboard which will surely change the way digital India is perceived. This unique keyboard wasn’t launched in India first, but to Indian children in a Kannada class in the US. This specially designed keyboard for Indic languages was welcomed by the students and later, introduced for the first time in India. As adults are used to the qwerty keyboards these days in mobiles, they may find it difficult to use.

The creator, Guru Prasad, is already working on another keyboard which is ergonomically similar. Though at the moment, Ka-Naada is not suitable for the visually-impaired.



Launched in April 2018, Ka-Naada supports several languages based on the Brahmi Lipi. The letters are grouped according to phonetics, making it highly unique and also user friendly.



This first Indic language keyboard is available in hardware and software. The beautiful keyboard is available in black and blue. It is priced at Rs 1,900, on pre-ordering.



Ka-Naada is compatible with all the devices and includes Devanagari, Kannada, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Malayalam, Tulu and Oriya. As per mother tongue, the user can change the typed alphabets into about seven Indian languages by just using a switch on the keyboard!



This desi keyboard also has some ancient alphabets from Indian languages, which haven’t been used for long. Interestingly, the English language has about half the alphabets that Indian.



The concept was instrumented by Dr Sastry, who observed that foreign students found it difficult to learn their native languages.




Dr Sastry developed nine combinations of swara-vyanjanas, based on how they are spoken and developed its non-qwerty character layout



This new keyboard has been already installed in many rural schools in India. Obviously, most of them have never seen this concept before and now, NGO’s and programmes like Youth Ambassador, are helping to promote it.


Watch this video of the firs-of-a-kind keyboard to type in Indic language:




This keyboard will soon be available in Brahmi-based foreign languages like Malay, Sinhalese, and Nepalese.