Why Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Is The New King Of Cool

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Updated on 28 Oct, 2015 at 9:44 pm


While many politicians consider it a taboo, Justin Trudeau openly supports the legalization of Mary J.

justin trudeau weed


And for this reason, he surely is a champ.

justin trudeau winner



By champ, we mean he literally can knock down his rivals; even in the boxing ring.

justin trudeau boxing


He can knock because he knows he simply can.

Someone asked him on a plane whether he can beat out Stephen Harper, his opponent from the Conservative Party of Canada. His response was somewhat epic.



Have you seen any world leader with a rattling tattoo? Well, here is one.


justin trudeau tattoo


He is just awesome with unicycle. Isn’t he?



And even more awesome in balancing the future on his hand.



But before anything, he impeccably balances himself.



He has also done striptease in the name of charity.

canadian pm striptease
Stop swooning, gals. Watch him here going shirtless.



He won’t mind hurting himself to entertain his fans.


Is there any Indian politician who can perform such a badass act? I bet he’ll die of heart attack or slip into coma even before hitting the ground.


Again, is there any Indian politician capable of getting down to bhangra beats like he does?

Lo and behold! #DaddyTrudeau and his killer moves during the 2012 Indian Independence Day celebration organized by the Indo-Canada Association of Montreal.



Not only dance, he has impressed everyone with his acting skills also.

In a 2007 TV film The Great War, portraying Talbot Mercer Papineau, a legendary Canadian soldier of the First World War.




With on-screen role, he can roll perfectly round rotis as well. We got a winner!



Canada, we wish you the best of luck for having a decent and humble PM like him.

Greeting riders at a Montreal subway station the morning after the election.




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