‘Justice For Vikas’ Campaign Started On Facebook And It Says That The Victim Is A Liar

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2:30 pm 11 Aug, 2017


A few supporters of Vikas Barala have started a “Justice For Vikas” campaign on social media and have claimed that the victim, Varnika Kundu, is a liar. This campaign is being run to save the son of state BJP leader, Subhash Barala. Subhash Barala’s son, Vikas Barala, was taken into police custody after Varnika Kundu, the daughter of an IAS officer, complained against Vikas.

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On the fateful night of August 5, the police had taken Vikas into custody after Kundu complaint against being followed and harassed. CCTV footage has also been found where Barala was seen buying liquor before following Kundu’s car.

Barala was granted bail within three hours of his arrest and this has caused much uproar across the country. People have alleged that the police are not doing their job because the case involves a senior BJP leader’s son and there is immense pressure on the police.

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Now, Vikas Barala’s friends have started a Facebook campaign to save their friend and bring out the truth. “Justice For Vikas” has several arguments in favor of him and has mentioned that Kundu’s allegations are false. The page also says that Vikas was framed because he belongs to a rich family. The page was created on August 9 and said that Kundu had banged into Barala’s car and was now framing them for following her.

The police are still investigating the case. However, the involvement of two high-profile children from Chandigarh has fetched massive attention to this case.