Friends Of Pratyusha Bannerjee Fight To Get Her Justice While Tackling Insensitive Media

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 3:43 pm

Nearly a week after ‘Balika Vadhu’ and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Pratyusha Banerjee’s death shocked India’s television industry, there is still no clarity as to why the 24-year-old suddenly decided to take the drastic step.

While many have come forward and tried to hog the limelight through her death, Pratyusha’s close friends have taken up the cause to not only find out what happened but also get justice for her.




While the post-mortem report has called it “a clear case of suicide”, Pratyusha’s close friends claim that she could not have taken such an drastic step had she not been driven to that point.

The situation appears to have worsened for Pratysha’s friends, towards whom many media houses have become insensitive and focusing on their clothes or their intentions.




Taken aback by such media insensitivity, one of Pratyusha’s friends, Vikas Gupta, decided to take to Facebook to express his views.

In the post he explains why they they had not spoken to the media before Pratyusha’s body was cremated.

Here are excerpts from his post (sic throughout):

“…i couldn’t move my body to leave her bedside , i was there for almost an hour with her alone although it seemed like that it was way more , this was pratyusha banerjee the girl who was the biggest face on indian television 2 years back . lying dead and no-one is here .”


He explains what Pratyusha’s boyfriend did:

“her family is back home. the boy friend has dumped her body and said going to get her parents tickets done and run away .”



Explaining why some of them were still in designer clothes:

“Our common friends who were shooting were leaving their shoot and coming directly from there . than there were the ones who don’t even know her that came for reasons best known to them but some for publicity as the press was there while some out of curiosity and some had genuine concerns .


He laments that they could not help her:

“we all knew she was in a bad relationship and yet none of us took charge and got her out of this . we go to know how she had tried to reach many of us for getting the right support or sometimes just to let the steam off ,


He criticises the celebs who took advantage of her death:

“she was depressed , some really silly celebs went ahead and said she has borrowed 5 thousand rupees from her .”

He also took the opportunity to post two photographs of Pratyusha’s body to show that there indeed were injury marks on her face that still needed to be explained.


The post was also an response to an article that was published in Mumbai Mirror and brutally ripped almost all the TV celebrities and friends that visited Mumbai Hospital when they learnt that the young actress had passed away.

He said:

“There is a mention of actresses like Mouni Ada and Sara coming to hospital with makeup man etc , for the stupid journalist who is not aware and has mentioned names should know they were leaving their sets and coming directly so no they did not think of first doing a face cleaning ritual and than come and see the dead body of their friend…you have decided to malign their image and portrayed them as publicity hungry women doing makeup and coming to give interviews . how convenient”

Gupta concluded by saying that he was taking the paper and the writer to the police for what had been written. He said:

“Mumbai Mirror this is for you . please think about this . if a person close to you passes away and you have no answers . you see her face covered with bruises and its been called a suicide and when you raise a voice is this what you paper does calls them names makes fun of their clothes and try to humiliate them, ‪#‎ShameMumbaiMirror‬

We are filling a complaint against your publication because it is a direct attack and look like a personal vendetta to malign some of us.”

You can read the full content of Vikas’s post here.

You can also watch them speaking to the press, here: