This Lego Version Of Jurassic Park Is As Iconic As Steven Spielberg’s 1993 Film

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2:23 pm 23 Mar, 2015


It is clear that both Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter Hailee of Digital Wizards took pains to recreate this 1993 blockbuster which catapulted Steven Spielberg to international fame. The way they have used Lego bricks, worth over $100,000, to create this stop-motion animation version of the film is spectacular.

The film begins with that iconic scene where a helicopter approaches the Isla Nublar – the dinosaur island.

We see the main building on the island,

And John Hammond’s Lego version showing the driver-less cars to the visitors.

We also witness that iconic scene where a T-Rex breaks through the turned-off electric fencing…

…And eats up one of the visitors.

Even the climax scenes have been perfectly captured in this brilliantly made version.