American Woman Took Twitterati’s Help To Find Stranger She Kissed On The Eiffel Tower. The Story’s Ending Will Surely Surprise You!

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5:14 pm 11 Jan, 2018

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the most famous romantic spots for couple in the world. It offers couples the opportunity to take romantic selfies atop the iconic French monument. Once atop the tower, you’ll find numerous smooching spots to squish the romance out of the moment.


An American teenager, Juliana Corrales, was on a high school trip to Paris when she asked a stranger if he would help her fulfil a lifelong dream. For a ‘quick kiss’ she asked a handsome guy who shyly obliged. However, moments later the love-struck girl felt a connection with that guy. However, the only details that she had with her were his home state, Texas, and his first name – Gavin.

Juliana Corrales/Twitter

Desperate to find that mystery man, Corrales, 18, took to Twitter and asked for help with fellow social media users. Soon thousands of Twitter users swung into action and got hooked to her romantic saga. Her post was shared over 18,000 times and viewed more than 1 million times.

Thousands of Twitter users trawled Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to track down Juliana’s Gavin.


Juliana Corrales/Twitter

Juliana Corrales/Twitter

The romantic saga kept thousands of people gripped as it played out on Twitter for over one day.

Soon, Gavin was found on Facebook and some found his mother’s Instagram post from their family trip.


However they were heartbroken when it emerged that he might have a girlfriend, with dozens sharing posts about their disappointment.

Despite the initial excitement, Juliana took the plot twist in her stride and thanked Twitter for their kindness.

She wrote:


However, there were plenty of people were quite quite disappointed by the news.