Fear Not, Julian Assange Is Still Alive Though He Still Might Be Without The Internet Connection

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2:48 pm 22 Oct, 2016

Days after rumours of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s death started doing the rounds, WikiLeaks posted this on its official Twitter handle:


The message came after WikiLeaks posted a tweet showing heavily armed UK police outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange is holed up.


Speculations over Assange’s safety mounted after the activation of the ‘Dead Man’s Switch’, which released a massive 88GB tranche of data from across the world to the public.

Ecuadorian embassy cut off Assange’s internet connection under pressure from US Secretary of State John Kerry.


The action came as WikiLeaks started publishing the ‘Podesta Files’ – hacked emails of Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta which reveal secrets about the Democratic frontrunner in the US presidential race.


As a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had once thought of killing Assange in a drone attack. Supporters of Assange fear that she might find a way to kill him once she becomes President.

Assange usually appeared on the balcony of the embassy, but it was cut off in October due to security reasons. In August an unauthorised man tried to scale the wall just beside the balcony. Police came two hours after a call from the embassy forcing Ecuador read out the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961 to United Kingdom.

And though Assange’s internet connection has not been restored, his supporters have not let him down – one of them reads out the daily updates outside the embassy.

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