15 ‘Jugaads’ You Do When Your Parents Don’t Know About Your Smoking Habit!

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Well, around 80% of the total teenagers who smoke hide that fact from their parents. And hide it so damn efficiently. We certainly are the ultimate kids of ‘Jugaad’. Smoke that shit, but near home? Naah! Naah!

Here are 15 ‘Jugaads’ you do when your parents don’t know about your smoking habit!

1. Always have perfumes or deos in the bag, always.

Yes, and you always smell so good. Well, ek teer se doo nishan!


2. You eat mint, so much mint!

‘Impotent ho jaega bhai.’ Whenever a person sees you having mint, they just automatically know where you’ve come from.


3. Well, girls apply lipstick or lip balm. Another reason for you to do makeup!

Smoke- YAYY. After smoke- YAYY.


4. You’d hide a lighter so deep into your bag, sometimes it even takes you time to find it!

Dig, dig deep but not so deep that even you cannot find it!


5. You’ve used hand sanitizers more after a smoke, than before a meal.


6. Act like a bloody ‘saadhu’ when the smoking topic comes up.

Smoking what? Weed? Marlboro? ‘Mummy aa su bolocho tame?’


7. You know all the areas where you won’t even dare to take a cigarette.

-Colaba-Check, Crawford -Check, Churchgate- check. All clear.


8. The cigarette wala knows you very well. But you behave as a complete stranger when parents are in front of him or you all together are buying something.


9. You check your breathe several times before entering college or home.


10. When your dad or relative is smoking you secretly inhale the smoke they release.


11. You never buy the whole packet, you always buy every cigarette separately.

Because money issues and you of course can’t take it home :p


12. You give quirky excuses to take out more pocket money from parents.

Because more than half of it goes somewhere else 😉


13. Your smoking is under control as you can’t smoke during family outings.


14. You have this friend with whom you smoke, you never mention about him/her in front of your parents.


15. If you smoke in your bathroom, you make sure you have brushed your teeth and kept the small fan switched on.