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Canadian Sikh Veerender Jubbal Once Again Gets Falsely Accused Of Being A Terrorist

Published on 15 July, 2016 at 9:46 pm By

It was less than a year ago that Canadian Sikh Veerender Jubbal’s photo-shopped image had circulated on social media, with many claiming that he was behind the attack in Paris.




It not even been a year and that same photo-shopped image has once again started circulating, with many now claiming Jubbal to behind July 14th attack in Nice.



According to Jubbal’s friends, rumors of 2015 had taken so much toll on him that he was forced to leave social media and his life had been ‘ripped apart’.


Now with his name once again cropping up, the task has been taken up by his friends and well wishers to not only help Jubbal get his life back, but to try to squash these rumors once and for all.





We at TY News too urge people not to re-tweet or share such posts unless they are 100% sure.


While sharing and re-posting a post does help many, sharing false information and half truths at times can also put life of others under unnecessary risk.

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